Newbold Quarry

Newbold Quarries have permission to extract gravel right up to the village of Tatenhill (see map) between the road to Tatenhill and the canal. They are currently applying for planning permission to extend this up to the road from Tatenhill to Branston (including where the proposed Burton Rugby Club facilities may be built.
Newbold Quarry is operated by Bardon Aggregates which is part of Aggregate Industries UK Limited and which in turn is owned by Holcim; a global cement manufacturer based in Switzerland.
The quarry is approached from the northerly slip road onto the A38 at Barton Turn. There are 5 separate businesses operating from the quarry:

  1. Quarrying of gravel & sand (Bardon Aggregates)
  2. Production of ready-mixed concrete using truck-mixer lorries (Bardon Concrete)
  3. Production of concrete paving blocks in various colours (Charcon)
  4. Bagging of aggregate and sand (Aggregate Supplies)
  5. Sale to the general public of sand, gravel, cobbles, cement (Express Aggregates)

Approximately 100 people are employed in the quarry. Most of the people are local but not many actually come from Tatenhill Parish.

Good Neighbours
The company tries to act as a good neighbour organisation. It is keen to liaise with the local schools such as Rangemore and would be keen to encourage wild life projects / school visits. The company would be willing to provide mini-bus services for school visits.

Land owned
The company currently carries out sand and gravel extraction from part of the existing site.

Last year it purchased additional land near to Tatenhill (Bass Land) up to the Lawns Farm Cottage corner. This land does not currently have planning permission for the extraction of minerals but is being promoted in the Staffordshire Minerals Core Strategy document as a potential site for future quarrying (see map below).

newbold quarry