Henry Warford Charity

Charity Number 243360

Henry Warford Charity (Tatenhill Parish) is funded by the Henry Warford Charity (Estate Trustees), Charity No. 217341, for the areas of Barton under Needwood, Tatenhill and Dunstall. The income from the Estate Trust is divided between the three Parishes to be used for the alleviation of poverty, principally for the elderly and disabled. 40% (after expenses) goes to the Eleemosary Charities in Barton (now part of the key Trust) 23% goes to Dunstall and the remaining 37% comes to Tatenhill Parish. Tatenhill has two representative trustees on the parent charity.

The Objectives of the Charity

The funds of the Charity shall be applied by the Trustees for the benefit of needy persons who are resident for the time being in the Civil Parish of Tatenhill, in the following ways:

  1. The relief of financial hardship, either generally or individually, of people living in the Parish, by making grants of money for providing or paying for items, services or facilities.
  1. To relieve sickness, poor health and old age amongst people living in the Parish.
  1. The prevention or relief of poverty in the Parish, by providing grants, items and services to individuals in need and to charities or other organisations working to prevent or relieve poverty.
  1. To promote social inclusion for the public benefit by supporting people living in the Parish, who are socially excluded on the grounds of age, disability, ethnic origin, religion, belief or creed, to relieve the needs of such people and assist them integrate into society.
  1. To improve the safety or welfare of poor persons living on the Parish, either generally or individually, by providing grants, items and services to individuals or to charities or other organisations working to improve safety or welfare of such persons.

The Henry Warford Charity is considering funding external key safes for elderly and vulnerable people, who may need assistance in their locked homes and need help in an emergency. If you are interested or know of family or a neighbour in the parish who would benefit, please contact Kay Lear. (link)

The History of the Charity

The Charity Commission’s Reported Volumes refer to an inscription in Tatenhill Church which states that in 1705, Mr Henry Warford of Mancester in Warwickshire, gave 100 pounds to buy lands, to maintain coats and shoes for the poor of Tatenhill, Dunstall, Callingwood and Barton and by his orders there is bought a piece of meadowing of some 5 acres, commonly called Barton Dock Croft Meadows.

The parent Charitable Instrument sets out that the income is to “benefit the deserving & necessitous persons” on one of three ways.

  • Distribution of Boots & Shoes in accordance with existing Trusts (e.g. the now closedPriscilla Allen Trust).
  • Supply of clothes, linen, bedding, fuel, tools, medical or other aid in sickness, food or other articles in kind.
  • Temporary relief in money by way of loan or otherwise, in cases of unexpected loss or sudden destitution.

The governing document for the Estate Trust Charity dates back to 1902. The governing document for the Tatenhill Trust is contained on page 311 of Vol. 7 of the Reported Volumes at the Charity Commission. During the intervening years, society has changed considerably, as has the Parish of Tatenhill and the needs of its residents In 2013 the governing documents were reviewed and updated as the Trustees wished to see the benefits of the Charity maximised while recognising the spirit of the original gift and balancing it with the social and economic circumstances prevailing at the time.