Tatenhill Flooding

Back in February, pre Covid19, two storms (Ciara and Dennis) had a significant impact on some properties in the village. Currently four of these have yet to be inhabited again. The parish council started to look at this situation in February but then the Corona virus and lockdown intervened.

The flooding arose from the sheer volume of water running off the hillsides, filling the drains (land and sewer) and the Brook appears to have filled to the point where the volume of water was too great to pass through the culvert under Branston Road. Yew Bridge effectively dammed the flow and the water went around it, into the sewer which was already full so manholes were lifted.

The parish council picked the matter up again in the summer and residents have submitted details to Staffordshire County Council who, along with the Environment Agency and Severn Trent, are the relevant authorities. Following a visit to the village in the autumn the County Council are looking at the drains and they are responsible for the flow under Yew Bridge.

The road drains along Main Street need clearing out of accumulated mud. Our County Councillor, Julia Jessel, has also supported this issue by adding them to her “Priority” list. They are ordinarily scheduled to be done every 3 years and 2020/2021 is their year. The Environmental Agency are going to survey the Yew Bridge Culvert to determine what is required. This will be early next year, (Feb 2021). The Environment Agency have already looked at and cleared a length of the brook on the approach to the culvert. Landowners have been reminded of their duty to maintain the flow of the brook and not dump garden waste in it. The Parish Council continues to push for works identified as required.