Over the last few weeks you may have noticed a Speed Indicator Device (SID) at various locations in the Parish.  The Parish Council have been trialling this with a view to purchasing at least one of these to raise driver awareness of the speed limits.  It has proved very successful, with several residents telling us that they have noticed that drivers do slow down when they approach the villages.

In just one week in Tatenhill over 1000 speed violations were recorded while the SID was in “covert” mode (speed display was not showing) The following week when the display was turned on the number of violations was considerably reduced. In a 3 week period 6800+ vehicles were recorded with 3% in the 36-40mph range and 1% in the 40-46mph range

The SID was moved to Rangemore for a second trial, during this 4 week period some 16,600 vehicles passed through the village of these 3% were in the between 40-46mph, 1% were on the 46-50mph range and one driver managed 73mph! although this driver rapidly decelerated to 42mph when the SID was spotted.

We have also learned that it may be possible to submit our data to the Community Speed Watch, they will use it to determine the schedule of the speed camera van.

At the Parish Council meeting on 1st December, it was decided to purchase the SID and investigate various locations around the parish where it can be positioned.  We would like to purchase a second device and will investigate alternative sources for funding.

Watch this space… and your speed!!