Revisions proposed for the Tatenhill & Rangemore Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan

During the 2 years since the Neighbourhood Development plan was “made”, T&RPC have noticed that the current policies are not delivering the objectives that the parish agreed upon, so the council have been working with planning consultants, ESBC and the Tatenhill & Rangemore Community Group to try and address these issues & ensure that all future dwellings deliver our objectives.

As part of the modification process, the revisions need to go to Public Consultation for 6 weeks. This period starts on Monday 2nd July and ends at 12 noon on Monday 13th August. This is your opportunity to provide your comments which be considered and will contribute to the final revised NDP. Please read the documents below and send your feedback to the clerk.

Download (PDF, 596KB)

Download (PDF, 400KB)

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