New Traffic Calming Measures Installed

The Parish Council has been working with Amey and the local community to design new traffic calming measures, which have now been installed. In Rangemore, there is a new crossing to the school and build outs at either end of the village.










Along Tatenhill Common, the new features are designed to draw attention to the road being narrow in order to encourage responsible driving. Finally, new speed limits are in force now that the signs for them have gone up. This reduces the speed of traffic past Byrkley Park to 50mph and on Tatenhill Common the speed limit is now 40mph. Speed signs have also been moved to tie in with the gateways to the villages in the Parish.

There will be more work to make the roads in the parish safer in the near future. The local speedwatch group will continue to collect information about the speed of traffic through the parish. There is also an agreement in place to fund future work in the parish. In particular, ways to improve the safety of the roads through Tatenhill will be a priority.