Local Government Boundary Commission Propose Changes

Have YOUR say!

The Local Government Boundary Commission propose changes to the East Staffs Borough Council Wards relating to our Parish.

The proposal is to move Tatenhill and Rangemore Parishes from their current representation in the rural Needwood Ward to a new urban Ward of Branston & Tatenhill. Barton under Needwood and Dunstall would join Yoxall in the Barton & Yoxall Ward

Think about the similarities and links between the villages (Barton, Tatenhill, Rangemore &, Dunstall vs Tatenhill, Rangemore and Branston). Eg. surgeries, churches, local shopping, Policing, Schools, charities etc.


Do you think that this a good idea?

YOU need to make your feelings known.  Please respond directly to the Boundary Commission and let the Borough Council and the Parish Council know how you feel. The Parish Council know.  The parish council will be making representation but it needs to reflect YOUR views

This is our future – HAVE YOUR SAY!

To respond to this review, go to www.consultation.lgbce.org.uk.  Select East Staffordshire Borough Council and you can make your comments there.

 If you do not have access to the internet, you can make your comments in writing to:


 LGBCE c/o Cleardata

Innovation House

Coniston Court

Riverside Business Park

Blyth. NE24 4RP

Or you can send them to the Parish Council at


You have until 7th SEPTEMBER to comment on your future representation at the Borough Council.