Gas Supply for Tatenhill – Letters sent to all interested residents

As soon as T&RPC discovered that there would be a gas pipe laid through the village (from The Acorn to the new school on Branston Road) we contacted the supplier, Fulcrum, to see if we could get  gas for residents. We were told that it was too late to change the diameter of the pipe, but there would be capacity for at least 50 homes. They asked us to supply them with a list of residents who were interested. We delivered flyers to all along the gas route and supplied Fulcrum with names and addresses and a map highlighting the homes that had asked for gas. They then asked us to tell them where all the meters would be in the individual properties and how many rooms each property had, so we advised Fulcrum that they would need to contact the homeowners directly using the addresses provided. We then waited for Fulcrum to get in touch with residents… When this did not happen, we contacted Fulcrum to find out what was delaying the process and were told that they needed email addresses to proceed or people should apply directly.

Having seen first-hand how poor their communications are, we are advising all parishioners to apply directly for gas. Their application form is below and can be returned electronically or by freepost.

Download (DOC, 863KB)

** Please contact Fulcrum if you receive an automated response from your website application advising you to contact Cadent – this is a Fulcrum system error.