Rangemore Club

The Bass family built Rangemore Club to provide entertainment for the residents. It provided a bar and a library for members who lived within 1 mile of the club. Originally it was an all male membership, but now women are allowed in as equal members. The library has long since ceased to operate but in 1945 a billiards/snooker table was donated from the hall.

There are a set of rules, initially established by the Bass family in the 1800s, for running club. There is a trust with locals appointed as trustees. There is a separate executive committee of 12 elected officials. Committee meetings are well attended. The current membership is 80 people.

The club status allows children to be taken into the bar and thus families can attend what is the social focus of Rangemore. There is a large car park to the east of the building that also provides short term parking for the village.

There is the snooker table in a separate room and the main bar area there is a pool table and a darts board. Use of the snooker table mostly involves late evening occupancy. The table occupies a complete room which is 50% of the public area in the club. The table precludes the use of the space for most other functions.

There is currently no opportunity to generate revenue from the sale of hot food. The only cooking facilities that exist are in the steward’s private house and in the current configuration, nowhere to eat it.

The club buildings would revert to the Rangemore Estate if the club ceased to operate for more than 6 months.