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Our purpose as a Council is to be the champion for improving the quality of life for all of our community so that Tatenhill & Rangemore Parish can achieve its potential.

Public Consultation on the revisions proposed for the Tatenhill & Rangemore Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan

PUBLIC CONSULTATION EVENT : 4-7PM 8TH AUGUST AT TATENHILL VILLAGE HALL During the 2 years since the Neighbourhood Development plan was “made”, T&RPC have noticed that the current policies are not delivering the objectives that the parish agreed upon, so the council have been working with planning consultants, ESBC and the Tatenhill & Rangemore Community Group to try and address these issues & ensure that all future dwellings […]

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Royal Mail have re-instated the Post Box at Tatenhill Common!

When, several years ago, the post box at Tatenhill Common was hit by a car – the Royal Mail decided to remove the post box as it was considered unsafe. Since that time, the parish council has lobbied for its return. Following the installation of the bus shelter on the corner of Cuckoo Cage Lane, we again approached the Royal Mail requesting that they review their decision. They […]

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Walking in the National Forest 2018

The National Forest Walking Festival 2018 will take place between 19th and 31st May 2018, featuring a variety of walks for all ages, tastes and abilities. http://www.the This successful festival includes walks within our parish and beyond. Helena Pointer will be leading Walk 3 Rangemore, Brankley and Dunstall Walk on Saturday 19th May and Walk 90 Branston Water Park & Tatenhill Thursday 31st May. Burton-on-Trent Rambling Club […]

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Library at Home Service available to Tatenhill & Rangemore Residents

Barton Community Library are offering a free Library at Home Service for those who struggle to visit due to age, disability or poor health. Friendly volunteers can visit with books or audio books, delivering them to your home and then exchanging them when the time comes. Please see the attached poster for more information and then call the library on 01283 713753 if you would like to sign […]

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Gas Supply for Tatenhill – Letters sent to all interested residents

As soon as T&RPC discovered that there would be a gas pipe laid through the village (from The Acorn to the new school on Branston Road) we contacted the supplier, Fulcrum, to see if we could get  gas for residents. We were told that it was too late to change the diameter of the pipe, but there would be capacity for at least 50 homes. They asked us to […]

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Smart Water – 20 packs available

The Parish Council recently purchased 20 packs of Smart Water as a part of their Crime Prevention initiative. Any possessions with Smart Water applied to them can be tracked back to you by the police, should the worst happen… These are available for purchase at the cost price of £7.46. Please contact our Clerk, Liz Martin if you are interested in purchasing a pack.

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