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Upcoming Parish Council Meeting, 6th April, 2021, 7.30 p.m.

Community Group

  Public contributions are welcome and the Council would like to encourage anyone who has a comment or a question to get in touch. There is time set aside near the beginning of each Council meeting for parishioners to ask a question and a follow up. Please note that while questions or comments about planning applications are also welcome these are considered separately. Meetings are currently being held […]

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Flooding at Car Park, JTMAT Tatenhill

The latest information:     County Cllr Julia Jessel has  been in touch with Greg  Watkins and at the moment they (Amey) are waiting for the water to recede further so that CCTV and other investigations can be conducted both in the drains and culverts.  The flood risk team have also been alerted and will be involved so that all investigations can be done at the same time. […]

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Tatenhill Flooding Back in February, pre Covid19, two storms (Ciara and Dennis) had a significant impact on some properties in the village. Currently four of these have yet to be inhabited again. The parish council started to look at this situation in February but then the Corona virus and lockdown intervened. The flooding arose from the sheer volume of water running off the hillsides, filling the drains (land […]

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SPEED INDICATOR DEVICE (SID)   Over the last few weeks you may have noticed a Speed Indicator Device (SID) at various locations in the Parish.  The Parish Council have been trialling this with a view to purchasing at least one of these to raise driver awareness of the speed limits.  It has proved very successful, with several residents telling us that they have noticed that drivers do slow […]

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News from St. Michael and All Angels, Tatenhill – Christmas Morning 9 am Service

  ST MICHAEL & ALL ANGELS CHURCH www.tatenhillchurch.org and  www.facebook.com/stmtatenhill/  Throughout the Advent season the PCC encourage residents to partake in the annual “Reverse Advent”. Put a grocery item (non perishable!) into a bag each day. On Christmas Eve either put the bag in the church porch or bring to the evening service and the PCC will ensure it gets to the YMCA over the Christmas period. Don’t forget […]

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Local traffic concerns

“Tatenhill and Rangemore Parish Council is aware of the recent traffic issues through Tatenhill village, indeed throughout the parish. The parish council was delighted when, after over 10 years of lobbying, a 7.5 tonne weight restriction through the two villages was installed 12 months ago. Current projects for include the installation of both a mobile SID and the gateways around Tatenhill village. The gateways were planned over 2 […]

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