Staffs County Council – Meetings & Communications

The County Council have set up the following liaison meetings for residents to see what is happening and have the chance to ask any questions:

·         25 October 2017   18:00 20:00 Tatenhill Village Hall

Despite rumours to the contrary, SCC have guaranteed that the drop-off car park will be ready for the school opening date of September 2018.

Further information can also be found at by clicking the link below :

All residents of Tatenhill & Rangemore should have received the following letters from Staffs County Council

Download (PDF, 889KB)

Download (DOC, 4.02MB)

Download (DOCX, Unknown)

Download (DOC, 834KB)


5 thoughts on “Staffs County Council – Meetings & Communications

  1. Totally the wrong place. The lane is too narrow for the traffic a school would generate, no pedestrian or cycle access.
    Would lose green space between Tatenhiill and Burton and spoil views of the Battlestead escarpment.

    • I think this is awful but the same thing has happend in Branston which I have lived in for 15 years and I have had such trouble as they have built a pavillion which no one wanted only the football team wanted it becase they was the only ones what are allowed to use it. And they have locked away the goals for rental only. But it’s happening every where and someone needs to put a stop to st modwens. But tatanhill is a nice place so they shouldn’t wreck it and I feel sorry for the people what live near by. Thanks Henry Mears. aged 15

  2. We were promised when the Lawns Farm development was shoved upon us in spite of local opposition, that there would remain a green buffer between it and Tatenhill. This has now almost expectedly been reneged upon without any appropriate consultation. There is almost unanimous local opposition to this, and to hear of a 3 storey building, blighting views of Battlestead Hill is just appalling. Frankly, as residents, we feel continuously under assault every time we turn from another development plan designed to destroy our rural way of life. Traffic issues will no doubt be quite horrendous, dealing with a school run, the Lawns Farm development will no doubt make getting into Burton and back almost a City gridlocked experience. Simply, it seems to us, residents do not count, our views not listened to and the march of the money brigade dominates in preference to our well being. What sort of local democracy is this?

  3. The proposed site has a wealth of wildlife, that the children who would attend this school would miss out on seeing in its natural environment. Also, I cannot fathom how agricultural land has been allowed to be converted for this abomination.

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