The  A515 ( Lichfield to Ashbourne road) borders the parish to the west. To the north the boundary is formed by the B5234 (Abbots Bromley to Burton-on-Trent road).

Forest Road or C18 divides the centre of the parish from the New Inn Roundabout (5 Lane Ends) to the north and Barton Gate (Top Bell) to the south. The speed of traffic along Forest road has caused difficulties for access of smaller roads, notably Rangemore Hall and Wilmore Lane) At the junction with Byrkley Park Garden Centre and Tatenhill Lane LCD screen road signs have been introduced to  ease the problem.

All other roads in the parish are best classified as country lanes, unsuitable for heavy traffic.

Tatenhill Lane passes through Rangemore Village, becoming Tatenhill Common and then Moores Hill and meets the crossroads at Tatenhill from there Branston Road  connects eventually to the A38 roundabout at Branston. This is a major access route to Tatenhill and Rangemore from Burton-on-Trent. Tatenhill is also accessed from Barton-under-Needwood by Dunstall Road , which becomes Main Street at the crossroads and leaves the Parish at the northern end of the village joining to Anslow and also the B5234 ( a main route into Burton-on-Trent).

The national speed limit applies throughout the entire parish, apart from a 30mph zone through Tatenhill and Rangemore.

The smaller routes through the parish have problems with HGVs, (which have been known to get stuck in Callingwood Lane). Sat Nav systems have directed traffic over the Trent and Mersey canal -weight restricted bridge, and through the winding lanes, of Tatenhill, Rangemore and Callingwood, short cutting between the A50 and the A38.

Other issues with traffic are excessive speeding and congestion.

Congestion is most notable at the start and end of the school day, in Rangemore by

the school, and John Taylor High School traffic passing through Tatenhill from all directions to Barton. Congestion through Tatenhill is especially a  problem if the A38 is blocked, as traffic uses the Tatenhill– Barton-under-Needwood route as an alternative.


The National Cycle network Route 54 passes through Tatenhill village via Lawns Farm and along Dunstall Road. Lots of cyclists use the route particularly on Weekends.

Bus services

“Needwood Forest Connect,” the easy way to get around your local area without a car, offering transport to local villages or connections for onward travel in the area”.

The minibus will cover the area shown on the map below. The route is plotted on a daily basis from telephone bookings enabling East Staffs Mobility Link ( a local company based in Burton under contract to Staffordshire County Council) to only run where there are passengers, respond to need and connect people in the area. Buses don’t run until they are needed which costs less money and is more environmentally friendly than having buses touring the area without any passengers.

The service will run from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 6pm. Once you’ve pre-booked the bus will pick you up from your home address or agreed pick up point. Between 10am and 2pm, you can additionally request to be dropped off or picked up at the Market Place, Burton on Trent.

To book a journey call either 01283 512705 or 01283 544320, the lines are open from 8AM to 5PM Monday to Friday. The first time you call the staff will ask for your name, address and contact telephone number, to register you for using the bus.

You can also book by emailing but please allow 48 hours notice for email bookings.

You can book up a maximum of 7 days in advance and up until 5PM from the day before travel.

Adults – £3.00 single or £5.00 return Children – £1.50 single or £2.50 return
Concessionary Passes – Free Your Staffordshire Card – £1.00 per journey

The service is available for anyone who lives, works or visits in the area. There is no age restriction; it can accommodate people with wheelchairs.

Concessionary bus pass are valid on Needwood Forest Connect so if you have a pass you can travel for free.

Young people under the age of 20 can also use their Your Staffordshire card. All passes must be shown at the time of travel.

The Connection Points give access to other bus routes. Our most local Connection Point to the East of the Map is at the Acorn Inn, Rough Hayes. This accesses a number of regular Bus routes:

  1. Midland Classic. From Burton News Street to Terminus at Acorn. Approximately bus to Burton every 2 hours

from 8 am to 7pm  weekdays and Saturdays. No Sunday Service

810.Midland Classic. From Burton News Street to Acorn, then extended to Yoxall, Kings Bromley, Alrewas,

Fradley, Street Hay and Lichfield. Approximately on the hour between the No.10 buses. Same service as

No. 10 into Burton but stop is on the Acorn Inn side, not at Terminus. Stop to Lichfield is about 30 metres

towards Rough Hay, on same side as Terminus.


Timetables are available from Staffordshire County Council Website or from ,

Website midlandclassic .com or 01283 500228


School Buses

Staffordshire County Council provides a free school bus service to pupils within the Parish for those who live over 2 miles from their primary school and for those attending John Taylor High School as there are no pavements making the roads too dangerous for children to walk to Barton-under-Needwood. For children getting the school bus from Tatenhill Common, the parish council have built a bus shelter to provide a safe place to wait for the school bus.


The Trent and Mersey Canal forms the eastern boundary of the parish eastern boundary of the parish, from the Bridge Inn to Tatenhill Lock. Built by James Brindley and in operation since 1777, the canal has been fully restored in recent years and is open along its entire length for canal boats and walkers.

Footpaths and Bridleways

The parish is criss-crossed by footpaths and bridleways. Most have existed for many years but there have been recent additions created within National Forest planting schemes areas.

Local footpaths follow many scenic routes and have been included in scripted guided walk brochures available through The National Forest, notably  “Monks and Moorings”. Click “Walks” below to find latest information on walks.




There is universal access to a basic telephone service across the parish. The Tatenhill area is connected to the Branston exchange and the Rangemore area is connected to the Barton-Under-Needwood exchange. Areas from the New Inn and to the East use the Hoar Cross exchange. In all cases, the exchange is a considerable distance from the user and there is high attenuation on the lines, limiting broadband bandwidth. In the whole of Tatenhill and much of Rangemore, aluminium cables have been used and these have a much higher attenuation than copper cables precluding much use of broadband. Kijoma Broadband customers have the option to migrate their telephone service and number away from the poor aluminium lines to providers such as Voipfone (UK based, recommended) , Sipgate (Germany based) , Vonage (American based) and many others.

Mobile Phone Coverage

The hilly nature of the parish means that depending on your network provider and your location in the parish, mobile phone signal strength can range from good to zero, and can change within a range of a few feet!

Wireless Broadband System

Many properties in the parish struggle to receive broadband through the BT lines because of low conductivity aluminium cables. A wireless system has provided an alternative for 112 properties, and covers the vast majority of the parish. The is provided by Kijoma. The Kijoma service speed capability for customers is 40 Mbps+ download and different upload speeds based on tariff (starting at 2 Mbps and rising to 20Mbps). Anyone wanting further information, please use the “contact us” form on and respectively.


Broadband Roll-out

The Staffordshire Local Broadband Plan had been approved by BDUK and their procurement process was completed in mid 2013. The first phase contract, awarded to BT is intended to bring fibre to cabinet in 97% of the County and is now being implemented. Unfortunately our Parish would not receive funding to get fibre to cabinet in this phase, to be completed in 2016. The reason is that although the two villages will be connected back to fibre enabled cabinets, the distance will negate the speeds available closer to the cabinets.

Staffordshire has additionally applied for RCBF funding to help fund the “3%” but have so far been unsuccessful. Tatenhill Parish Council have also looked into applying directly to this fund however were unable to progress an application because of European State Aid rules which limit the use of public money for such matters so as not to skew the market. All BDUK funded projects are approved for State Aid purposes.

So, where to next?

In February, the position was that BDUK had now awarded a second phase of funding aimed at tackling the 5% of properties which will not get superfast broadband in the first phase (the “3%” in Staffordshire) and from this £1.68m has been given to Staffordshire. BT have now contributed and brought this sum to around £2m. Staffordshire CC had asked BT to carry out a second market review to recommend a plan to get the maximum number of further properties on superfast at the time of the last report. Even so, this money was expected to only help a further 4000 properties of the 29,000 remaining in the County. Tatenhill Parish Council has continued to lobby hard for Tatenhill and Rangemore to be included in this second phase and Staffordhire County Council have been supportive of our need.

The results of this second phase market review have now been announced and the majority of Rangemore and Tatenhill will be included. Planning and engineering surveys will take place in 2016 and fibre will be rolled out in 2017. This has now been confirmed with Staffordshire County Council and the position of properties in each post code of the Parish, are set out in the table at the end of this report. Until the engineering surveys are completed, the exact position of the additional fibre enabled cabinets will not be known. Properties which are more than 1.4km from the cabinet that serves them are unlikely to get more than 15mbps although they may gain some benefit. This is a major step forward towards the implementation of Phase 2 of the Parish Broadband Plan.

So what else needs to be done to complete our Broadband Plan?

The target for Phase 2 of our Broadband Plan was to obtain 4mbps download for 95% of properties and 20mbps for the remainder. The second phase funding will guarantee 15mbps to those properties included and up to 80mbps to properties closer to the cabinet. Improving technology may well continue to increase speeds and bridge the gap for many. For example, BT are now piloting “G Fast” which is likely to replace VDSL technology in the future. There will however clearly be a continuing role to lobby and if necessary seek funding to support those properties who are still below 40mbps but more particularly those who do not benefit from this funding round. The Kijoma Wireless Network has served many properties in the Parish well so far, and as we always felt, it is likely to have a continuing role to play.